education to advance sustainable development

Egality is developing courseware ...

... to help practically achieve sustainable development
... for understanding the world better
  • The educational philosophy is that the courseware should be more of a forum than a lecture hall, accessible to a very broad range of ages, with collaboration and interaction among a very broad range of participants.
  • Participation can be a combination of online and in person.
  • Egality can help arrange academic credit at a student's school as a new course, in partial fulfillment of an already established course, or as independent study.
  • Each participant, or group of participants, agrees to a set of learning objectives, performance expectations and evaluation criteria (acceptable to students' schools where applicable!).
  • The courseware evolves and improves through its participants, benefiting future participants and advancing sustainable development. Certificate of appreciation offered for consistently meaningful participation.
  • Plan to look for work? Request a personalized reference characterizing your participation!

Courseware currently on offer. For particulars, email

    Basic Internet and Digital Media

    Operating systems, email, file transfer, voice applications ... included with every course by request.

    Collaborative Development Zone

    A new approach to resolving confrontational stalemate - reversing the polarity of the relationship between adversaries by genuine, egalitarian collaboration with beyond state-of-the-art financial engineering.

    Sustainable Development

    A comprehensive concept: keeping things from getting worse and making things better, or "ongoing improvement of the world system according to a legitimately constructed social preference relation".
      Open to expressions of interest from prospective students on: