education to advance sustainable development

Student ?
  • The educational philosophy is for more of a forum than a lecture hall, accessible to a very broad range of ages, with collaboration and interaction among a very broad range of participants.
  • Participation can be a combination of online and in person.
  • Academic credit at a student's school as a new course, in partial fulfillment of an already established course, or as independent study may be available.
  • Each participant, or group of participants, agrees to a set of learning objectives and performance expectations (and evaluation criteria acceptable to students' schools where applicable!).
  • Material evolves and improves through its participants, benefiting future participants and advancing sustainable development. Certificate of appreciation offered for consistently meaningful participation.
  • Plan to look for work? Request a personalized reference characterizing your participation!

SGA ?    

If you'd like to discuss innovative possibilities to fundraise, including a student-run endowment, and ideas for class cohesiveness extending after graduation in these challenging times, please get in touch.  

Administrator ?    

Consider a model: students arrange their own tutoring / independent research / service learning , with credit (and corresponding tuition) as appropriate , based on any mutually acceptable affiliation (e.g., adjunct professor). 

Courseware currently on offer :

    Basic Internet and Digital Media

    Operating systems, email, file transfer, voice applications ... included with every course by request.

    Collaborative Development Zone

    A new approach to resolving confrontational stalemate - reversing the polarity of the relationship between adversaries by genuine, egalitarian collaboration with beyond state-of-the-art financial engineering.
    A set of modules for an emergency environment to provide basic education, in addition to service learning which focuses students' talent into the policy challenges of redevelopment. 

    Sustainable Development

    A comprehensive concept: keeping things from getting worse and making things better, or "ongoing improvement of the world system according to a legitimately constructed social preference relation".
      Of topical interest :
    Law: Rights and Responsibilities, International Law 
    Egalitarianism <---> Macroeconomic Stabilization