education to advance sustainable development

want to explore service learning: independent study / ;(unpaid) internship ?

1. share what you would like about yourself, including, especially, your interests

2. explore this egality web site - what do you thimk / suggest ?

3. if you enjoy challenges (leave off one):

   a) what is (are) the most important world challenge(s)?

   b) why does a mirror reverse left to right, but not up and down?

   c) if you have a liter of wine and a liter of water, and you take a teaspoon of wine and put it in the water, and you then take a teaspoon of that mixture and put _it_ back with the wine, then is there more wine in the water or more water in the wine?

   d) briefly discuss:  democracy, capital, money, legitimacy, and/or sustainable development