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Service Learning

Service learning combines both learning and service.  The student performs useful work, while learning by doing.

Could service learning address educational budget pressures by staffing some school activities with students?  How best to address the financial issues?  What ethical issues are raised, e.g., with respect to current employees or unions?

Does service learning provide students a head start on changing the world, by being directly involved in a variety of real-world challenges? 

Is service learning of practical job-market benefit to individual students, providing marketable job skills and references?

What about making service learning a compulsory component of the curriculum? 

How would transition issues be addressed if service learning is adopted into a curriculum?

Could mainstreaming service learning throughout the educational curriculum change the "center of gravity" of the age from which problems are addressed?

And, could working through a course such as this provide a self-referential opportunity to introduce service learning into a student's place of learning  ??