Toward Awareness of Globalization

education to advance sustainable development

What is meant by "globalization"?  Is it "a good thing"?  Can we - should we - influence the direction it takes?  Broadening and deepening our awareness of globalization is one possible path toward responding to these questions.

Toward Awareness of Globalization - "tag" (pronounced like the German word for "day") is a forum for fellow students from around the world to listen, engage, inquire, reflect, expound and evolve their awareness of globalization.

Free.   Credit: 1  credit hour as applicable, awarded at the discretion of the senior student.  Depending on the level of participation, could be earlier (even immediate) or later (even never) than three months. 

For a student awarded credit, a letter of reference characterizing their participation in tag will be provided upon request.  At the discretion of the senior student, a "certificate of distinction" may be awarded to recognize participation of distinguished quality.

Admission: upon consent of senior student.  If interested, please email for procedure (which will likely involve submitting an original essay on globalization, a critique of one of several essays written by forum students, a list of globalization web links (with brief summaries), a list of (critiqued) references.