A Need to Rebuild as an Opportunity for Sustainable Development

education to advance sustainable development

                                         Ideas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Egality is a fledgling not-for-profit keen on developing interdisciplinary educational modules which advance sustainable development using online, collaborative interaction.

Egality is designing an educational  project intended, e.g., for Gaza (Palesttine)
and Chengdu (Sichuan, China, where the major earthquake struck):
"A Need to Rebuild as an Opportunity for Sustainable Development"
Also: English and Western Civilization; computer / online component
The basic idea is to offer service-learning modules for students
to address immediate, real-world policy challenges.
role of Egality: coordinate; design & participate in modules
publish outputs as appropriate; intellectual property

study teams: study leaders, study buddies; any age levels
principle of comparative advantage (from economics):
more advanced study leaders paired with less advanced but fast learners
fast learners then paired with others
rather than "teachers" and "students" of material with "right" answers,
a collective learning effort in subjects which are evolving
inter-cultural: emphasize collective learning among international teams
"a friend's eye is a good mirror":
being a study leader for your native language / culture in a group
where you are also learning someone else's language / culture
is likely to help you gain a better understanding of your own.

id needs/interests of community being served by listening to them!
agreement on learning objectives, if and how to measure their achievement
annotated resource list (books, articles, internet resources, contacts)
Each time a module is offered, one element of the students' service learning
is to try to improve upon the overall experience for the next time...
update module itself (suggested hypotheses, research, logistics,
improved syllabus, expanded network of participating students / institutions,
improved modalities of student interaction.

Ideas for modules, pending discussion with the community:

History modules for much-needed context.
Study past episodes when a need to rebuild was seized on as an opportunity.
Dujiangyan Irrigation System - interdisciplinary module:
public policy, engineering, investment analysis, history ...
in multiple languages to serve as a language learning module and
introduction to Chinese Civilization.
Western Civilization.

Some basic tools-oriented, building block modules:
- The Policy Process:
formulation, analysis, selection, implementation, adaptation...
- Uncertainty and Risk:
decision-making in the context of incomplete, conflicting data
(process data critically, seek alternative perspectives, synthesize,
recognize / formulate priorities, identify key points)
- Teamwork in Service Learning Projects:
building teams, formulating objectives, working together effectively,
getting good results. procurement teams for course materials
- Funding Projects:
researching alternative funding sources, developing targeted proposals,
relationship management.

A selection of basic science and math modules:
Probability; Constrained Optimization; Principle of Least Action; Modelling;
Chemical Kinetics; Air Pollution; Global Warming; Weather

Analogies among different disciplines.

Part of each module: effective online collaborative internet usage.

Capstone Module:
integrate different aspects of regional development:
energy, housing, food, transportation, pollution, information economy
"A Need to Rebuild as an Opportunity for Sustainable Development"

Feasibility conditional upon funding, people:
fundraising (interested in supporting?  1. why?  2. how much?  ...  )
Sichuanese / Gaza / NOL ?  communities (including schools, colleges, universities)    
ad hoc logistics: make use of what's available

involvement of people / institutions (CSSA/international universities...)