Books: Tao Te Ching (especially Jonathan Starr and Gia Fu Feng editions)

Student papers: Jennifer Beasley, SLU Law, on "trade dress" protection of web sites

Under-appreciated:  Joan Robinson (economist), Frances Perkins (New Deal), Eleanor Roosevelt

Comics: Frazz 

Other education sites: DERN,

links: development economics_  ecological footprint_

Jokes:  (Please forgive the Christian context!)  Somebody dies and goes to heaven, and is met by Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates.  After being shown around they say say how agreeable it is but on reflection and out of concern ask what it's like down below.  St. Peter adopts a quizzical look and replies, "you know, the strange thing is, everyone up here is very happy, and the opposite below, but it's the same". (fgk)

Quotations:  "When 'opponents' meet, those without an enemy will surely triumph."  Jonathan Starr translation of Tao Te Ching, paraphrased.

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